D H Gaiman

D H Lawrence:

Never trust the artist. Trust the tale. The proper function of the critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.

also this:

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@neilhimself explains why we read fiction

Neil Gaiman:

Back in the 17th century, back when poisoning used to happen a lot more than it happens now, people would ingest poisons regularly in tiny amounts to build up immunity, so that if someone tried to poison them, they would be O.K.

Fiction allows us to go safely behind other eyes and allows us to look out at the world. We take our little bits of poison and safely ingest them, so when the real thing happens, we’re prepared.

the female people were always strangely unmoved by this

Neil Gaiman:

For years, male people had wanted to get female people they knew into comics, and they would give them copies of ‘Batman’ or ‘The Punisher,’ and the female people were always strangely unmoved by this. But now, the male people would give the female people that they liked or wanted to know better or perhaps were sleeping with ‘Sandman,’ and the female people would say, ‘Do you have any more copies of this? Where is the rest of it?’ And then, when they broke up with the male person who had given them ‘The Sandman,’ they would take the ‘Sandmans’ with. And then they would go, ‘Ah! There is another male person I quite like! I will impress them with my knowledge!’