this is perhaps the most important thing I have to say

verlyn klinkenborg writes in the prologue of Several Short Sentences About Writing:

A couple of cautions before you begin. This book isn’t meant to replace the received wisdom. “Received” means untested, untried, repeated out of habit. Everything in this book is meant to be tested all over again, by you. You decide what works for you. This is perhaps the most important thing I have to say. 

what is actually needed

when asked if there was a buzzword she never want to hear again, tracee ellis ross said:

Diversity training. What is actually needed is anti-racism training.

strip away the legend that encrusts them

Marcus Aurelius:

Like seeing roasted meat and other dishes in front of you and suddenly realizing: This is a dead fish. A dead bird. A dead pig. Or that this noble vintage is grape juice, and the purple robes are sheep wool dyed with shellfish blood. Or making love—something rubbing against your penis, a brief seizure and a little cloudy liquid. Perceptions like that—latching onto things and piercing through them, so we see what they really are. That’s what we need to do all the time—all through our lives when things lay claim to our trust—to lay them bare and see how pointless they are, to strip away the legend that encrusts them. Pride is a master of deception: when you think you’re occupied in the weightiest business, that’s when he has you in his spell.

how do geniuses prosper

Andy Benoit:

Most geniuses­—especially those who lead others—prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities.