an unfortunate rumour


Haiti’s former president Papa Doc, for example, ordered all black dogs in the country to be put to death because it was rumoured that one of his fugitive enemies had transformed himself into one. 

what is a great day

Alain de Botton:

“We don’t go around saying, ‘I had a great day today. The high point was staring out of the window.’ But maybe, in a better society, this is exactly what people would quietly say to one another.”

love all, serve all loudly

wyatt magnum:

Hard Rock Cafe had the practice down to a science, ever since its founders realized that by playing loud, fast music, patrons talked less, consumed more and left quickly.

so many needs

the guardian:

Humans have complex needs, he writes. “We need to talk, to be understood, to have a cohesive sense of self, to have insight, to be loved, to feel safe, to satisfy biological appetites, to resolve inner conflicts, to be accepted, to overcome adversity, to have purpose, to find meaning and to accept our own mortality.”