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If you want to be smarter…

Don’t Be Boring Twitter Feed
A person who reads and think is never boring. I chose these Twitter accounts because I believe they will help anyone. This is helpful especially if you don’t like to read books. You don’t need a Twitter account. Just bookmark the feed on your mobile and read regularly.

Collaborative Fund Blog
This is the first feed I click on when I see new updates on the blogs I follow. Morgan’s writing is sensational. It’s clear, informative and the ideas flow beautifully. Here’s one’s example – Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World.

The Profile Newsletter
Do you want to learn and be entertained at the same time? Then this newsletter is for you – free and paid options are both available. The many profiles can be overwhelming. Most of the time I just click on the “Highly Recommend” profile. Polina has great taste.

Derek Sivers Book Notes
Do you want to know what books to read next? I agree with many of Derek’s book ratings. And the bonus is that Derek shares his notes from over 200 books. Here’s a great one.

If you want to relax on YouTube…

Loutre – Family of Otters
Everyday I watch the baby otters grow. Each video averages 5 minutes and it’s just a beautiful way to start the day.

슛뚜 sueddu – Korean woman who lives with her dog
I find it very relaxing to see them doing ordinary things and living their lives.

Japan 4K – Walks in Tokyo
I miss Tokyo and walking in Tokyo. This helps.

About Me

Image – Harajuku, Tokyo, Dec 19

We spend our lives trying to figure out what kind of person we are, but others can understand us, in our entirety, at a glance. Our identity “is implicit in everything we say and do,” writes Hannah Arendt in The Human Condition, but we cannot see it ourselves.

Meghan O’Gieblyn, The Paris Review

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What I say and do

I spend most of the time alone.
I spend a lot of time on the computer.
I spend a lot of time at home.
I spend a lot of time reading.
I spend a lot time thinking.
I spend a lot time collecting notes on what I read.
I spend a lot of time preparing workshops.
I spend a lot of time admiring my own work.

When I travel, I almost always choose Tokyo.
When I travel, I take lots of photographs.
I laugh a lot.

I avoid exercise.
I avoid small talk.
I avoid giving advice because I don’t take my own advice.
I fail at avoiding giving advice.
I fail at starting 2 businesses because I was too lazy.
I fail at turning many ideas into reality.
I lost 2 good male friends for reasons unknown to me.
I order from the same few shops in Deliveroo.
I almost never donate to charities.
I have to remind myself not to think superior thoughts.
I meet people and sometimes regret it.
I take care of my mom’s financial needs but not emotional ones.

why I’m successful

Michael Batnick:

I’m successful because I don’t yearn for more. I have my wife and my boys and my freedom. I’m good. I have a unique appreciation of what I have because I already lost everything when my mother died. Now I have everything I need and everything I want.

an unfortunate rumour


Haiti’s former president Papa Doc, for example, ordered all black dogs in the country to be put to death because it was rumoured that one of his fugitive enemies had transformed himself into one.