Image – Singapore, May 2021

If you want to be smarter…

Don’t Be Boring Twitter Feed
A person who reads and think is never boring. I chose these Twitter accounts because I believe they will help anyone. This is helpful especially if you don’t like to read books. You don’t need a Twitter account. Just bookmark the feed on your mobile and read regularly.

Collaborative Fund Blog
This is the first feed I click on when I see new updates on the blogs I follow. Morgan’s writing is sensational. It’s clear, informative and the ideas flow beautifully. Here’s one’s example – Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World.

The Profile Newsletter
Do you want to learn and be entertained at the same time? Then this newsletter is for you – free and paid options are both available. The many profiles can be overwhelming. Most of the time I just click on the “Highly Recommend” profile. Polina has great taste.

Derek Sivers Book Notes
Do you want to know what books to read next? I agree with many of Derek’s book ratings. And the bonus is that Derek shares his notes from over 200 books. Here’s a great one.

If you want to relax on YouTube…

Loutre – Family of Otters
Everyday I watch the baby otters grow. Each video averages 5 minutes and it’s just a beautiful way to start the day.

슛뚜 sueddu – Korean woman who lives with her dog
I find it very relaxing to see them doing ordinary things and living their lives.

Japan 4K – Walks in Tokyo
I miss Tokyo and walking in Tokyo. This helps.

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