Quotations from leeclowsbeard by Jason Fox

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com. Not Lee Clow nor his beard.

leeclowsbeard by Jason Fox

“Do you remember the last bullet point you read? Me neither.
Impact requires craft.”

“Consumers really don’t care about your paradigm shifting. Relevancy will always be king.”

“Given the choice, I’d rather push the brand than the envelope.”

“We have nothing to fear but fearful clients.”

“Ideas are only as fragile as the backbones behind them.”

“Did you consider trying this?” No we’re good enough to reject it without wasting time trying it. Your CFO will thank us.

“Plain speech works great in ads and even better in presentations.”

“The better the work, the shorter the case study.”

“In the end, an ad with too many messages has one message: Ignore me.”

“A great ad says one thing, yet accomplishes many.”

“Great ads solve advertising problems. Great agencies solve business problems.”

“A group of 12 people can’t even decide where to go for lunch; why let them decide where to take your brand.”

“Actions speak louder than meetings.”

“It’s called a presentation, not a PowerPoint read-a-long.”

“Creativity can make any message interesting. It cannot, however, make every message effective.”

“In matters of storytelling, “fresh” usually trumps “original”.

“If your single most persuasive idea takes more than one sentence to explain, it probably isn’t single. Or persuasive.”

“Always assume no one wants to hear your what your ad has to say, then give them a reason to.”

“Kerning is caring.”

“I prefer psychographics to demographics. Partly because they are more useful. Partly because they sound dangerous.”

“Just because it’s measurable doesn’t mean it matters.”



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