Quotes from A Schoolboy’s Diary by Robert Walser

I want to meet beautiful women and love them and be loved and petted by them.

… I have read about them in books, and what it says in them must be true since it is written in such as clear and heartfelt way.

… Funny, silly people have a hard time making friends. People don’t trust them.

School is the unavoidable choker around the neck of youth, and I confess that it is a valuable piece of jewelry indeed. What a burden we would be to our parents, workers, passerby, shop owners, if we didn’t have to go to school! What would we spend our time doing, if not homework!

Our honour, though, is the limits we place on our actions.

…our hearts are like our landscapes: rough, but not infertile.

Music always makes me feel sad, but sad like a sad smile. What I’m trying to say is: friendly-sad.

Writing is about getting quietly worked up.

… being totally in the grip of passion is never smart, but it is beautiful.

Why should I be what I am not, and not be what I am? That would be stupid.

Envy is a kind of insanity. Everyone should respect the situation in which he finds himself: It’s better for everyone that way.

Anyone who speaks the truth is always rude.

I cultivated familiar dealings with everything no one notices.

I did no harm to anyone, and no one did any harm to me either. I was so nicely, wonderfully apart.

“That’s entirely thanks to me” is something a person likes to say.

Immoderate laughter is so pleasant.

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