i now realise i’m not an atheist

dave trott:

I’m not a believer.

I go on evidence, which is what British philosophy was based on: empiricism.

Which means I’m also not an atheist.

Because atheism is the belief that there is definitely no afterlife, that this life is all there is.

I say this is a belief because we can’t know it is true.

We don’t know there isn’t an afterlife any more than we know there is.

But some people seem terrified to accept uncertainty as a position.

Not me.

I’m happy to admit I don’t know, until I do.

So I’m agnostic.

Which is another word for keeping an open mind.


One thought on “i now realise i’m not an atheist

  1. The definitions of atheism and agnosticism are hopelessly lost on most people, and I believe you’re understandably included in that.

    Atheism isn’t the claim to know that there is no God, only the belief that there isn’t until there’s reason to doubt that. Agnosticism is philisophically defined as “ignorance” insofar as agnostics won’t have an opinion on the existence of God.

    I’m an atheist because I don’t think there’s a God, even if I’m open to the idea; I’d be an agnostic, but then I wouldn’t be able to say that Santa and unicorns don’t exist without being labelled a hypocrite.


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