it’s not alright that george has died

i wasn’t always comfortable with solitude.

when i wasn’t, george michael was there.

he was there for all my broken hearts.

I’d say love was a magical thing
I’d say love would keep us from pain
Had I been there, had I been there
I would promise you all of my life
But to lose you would cut like a knife
So I don’t dare, no I don’t dare…
Take me back in time maybe I can forget
Turn a different corner and we never would have met
Would you care
(A Different Corner)

the year was 1986. primary 6. morning session. come home from school. no one’s around. turn on the air conditioner. play the $2 Chinatown casette bootleg:

Music from the Edge of Heaven

play. rewind. turn the tape. play. rewind.

sing. dance. read comics.

then i learnt how to record songs off the radio but i kept playing that bootleg.

in 1987, there was Faith, the single and the album. i was so proud that i heard it before anyone i knew.

because not many in buona vista secondary school listened to the BBC.

and when i discovered love and broken hearts, there was one more try.

And teacher
There are things
That I still have to learn
But the one thing I have is my pride
Oh so I don’t want to learn to
Hold you, touch you
Think that you’re mine
Because there ain’t no joy
For an uptown boy
Who just isn’t willing to try
I’m so cold
Maybe just one more try

it wasn’t all ballads. i celebrated with edge of heaven, air guitared with faith, danced to freedom 90, and monkeyed around with monkey.

and when the album listen without prejudice vol. 1 came along in 1990, i thought deep thoughts with praying for time.

(James Corden: “George Michael wrote Praying for Time 25 years ago but I truly believe it’s message means more now than ever.”)

on that same album, waiting for that day is a gem.

It’s not as though we just broke up
It’s not as though it was yesterday
But something I just can’t explain
Something in me needs this pain
I know I’ll never see your face again…
Don’t you know that
The years will come and go
Some of us will change our lives
Some of us still have nothing to show
Nothing baby
But memories
(Waiting For That Day)

it’s not alright that george has died.

So I’m never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you
(Careless Whisper)

#georgemichael #RIPGeorgeMichael

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