we are asked by life to do something

#42 – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

dear kafka,

an important book.

i will make every word count.

what i learnt:

life is a quest for meaning.

meaning is the primary motivational force in man.

many, including me, find that life is boring and meaningless (existential vacuum).

the meaning of life is not found but determined by the individual.

we are asked by life to do something. it’s our responsibility (no one else!) to determine what this thing is and do it. this thing can change from day to day, time to time.

we can find meaning in 3 ways: goals, relationships or courage in suffering.

there is meaning in unavoidable suffering.

you are free to choose your response to suffering.

how to respond to unavoidable suffering: accept, be brave, find answers, grow your spirit, laugh when you can.

make spiritual accomplishment a goal when suffering.

be worthy of your suffering. don’t waste it.

no goal, no future, no meaning – concentration camp prisoners were most depressed about not knowing their release date.

what i am thinking:

what is the meaning of life now?

what is my spiritual (non-religious) accomplishment?

i must suffer to grow.

Mark Zuckerberg inspired me to start an annual personal project – read a non-fiction book every week and write about it. 

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