what i learnt last week


Tokyo has a staggering 80,000 restaurants, as opposed to the 15,000 of New York or the 6,000 of London.

Japanese is rich in onomatopoetic words, and “kuru kuru” is the sound of a conveyor belt; say it fast and you’ll understand


japan – up to the second half of the 19th century, economic wealth was calculated in rice.

japanese eat half the rice they consumed in 1960.

Pure or distilled water doesn’t conduct electricity well at all. The reason we can get shocked when standing in electrified water is because water we come across will be contaminated by minerals, dirt, and other things that will conduct electricity.

It is always warmer during the summer because Earth is tilted; during its year-long orbit, our home planet’s tilt allows the sun’s energy to hit us more directly.

you could put a million earths into the hollow of the sun.

yet con, hainanese restaurant in singapore – founded in 1940

japanese economics, term called fountain effect, if the basement is doing well, shoppers will visit the higher floors and shop more.

mosquitoes kill one million people a year.

It’s only the female mosquitoes from just 6% of the mosquito species that draw blood from humans – to help them develop their eggs.

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