what i learnt last week


Mitre: the long headress that bishops wear as a sign of their authority.

20,000 Sikhs in Singapore in 2010.

peaches, apples and bell peppers – top three fruit and vegetables to hold the highest levels of pesticide residue.

2016 is the 90th anniversary of the death of Antoni Gaudí


David BOH-ee not BOW-ee.

Gallup Daily Poll found that even unemployed people experienced more positive emotions during the weekend. This is because of “network good” defined as a thing that derive value from being widely shared. E.g. Facebook is more useful if your friends are on it.

McDonald’s has a 600 page Operations and Training Manual.

empire state building: the main 86th floor deck has a live saxophonist, Thursday through Saturday, who plays 10 pm- 1 am, and takes requests.


First wheeled luggage invented in 1970.

Men initially did nor accept wheeled luggage because carrying was more macho.

Modern luggage with 2 wheels, long handle and rolled upright – only invented in 1987.

Gardening leave – originated in the British civil service, euphemism for people suspended on full pay while being investigated. Became famous after a 1986 episode of Yes, Prime Minister.


In building construction, topping out (sometimes referred to as topping off) is a builders’ rite traditionally held when the last beam (or its equivalent) is placed atop a structure during its construction.


Leaving your paper behind on the train in London is seen as a courtesy.

It’s considered bad manners to sit in priority seats in Seoul subway carriages at any time, regardless of whether there’s anyone around who needs them .


Guns N’ Roses first album, “Appetite For Destruction” (1987), remains the largest-selling debut in history: 18m copies in their American homeland, and 30m worldwide.

The sex noises on “rocket queen” (appetite for destruction) were real. it was made by axl rose and adriana smith who was dating steven adler, the drummer.

TED costs $8,500 for regular attendees, and $17,000 for donors. thousands of applicants but only space for 1200.

TED talks are viewed up to nearly 100m times a month.

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor rehearsed her TED talk 200 times

roughly every half a second, someone, somewhere in the world, dies.

there are about 5.5m vending machines in japan. the first one in japan – 1888, sold cigarettes.

the triangular flag that baseball teams have – pennant.

on the wolverine diet, hugh jackman fasted for 16 hours and ate only between 10 am – 6 pm.

25 degrees celcius is the perfect temperature for productivity – cornell university

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