don’t break the chain

Todd Henry:

Jerry Seinfeld once shared the secret of his comedy success with a young, aspiring comedian named Brad Isaac. At the time, Isaac was working open-mike nights in comedy clubs and was trying to learn as much as he could about the industry. One night, he encountered Seinfeld at a comedy club, and saw his opportunity to gain advice from one of the greats. He asked Seinfeld if he had any tips for an aspiring comedian. Seinfeld replied that the key to becoming a great comedian is to create better jokes, and the key to creating better jokes is to create more of them, which meant writing every day. He said that he kept a giant wall calendar, and he would mark a big red X on the days when he wrote jokes. After a few days, he’d created a chain. The longer the chain got, the harder it was to break. His advice to Isaac? “Don’t break the chain.”

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