#4 – “we’re just all too selfish”

bringing value

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“…the thing I’m realising is, at the end of the day, we’re just all too selfish… If you look at 99 percent of speakers, their tweets are promoting their shit and no-one’s listening. We need to bring value.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

the tool that i am using to write this newsletter is tinyletter.com. its motto is “email for people with something to say”. it doesn’t say anything about whether others would want to listen and why.

selfie is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year. some see this as proof that people are getting more narcissistic. i am not too sure. maybe we have always been narcissistic and now we have more tools to express that.

as someone who blogs (infrequently), facebook (very often), post photos on flickr and now writes a newsletter (weekly), i find myself asking “why” when doing these activities, especially on facebook. do my posts have a “look at me, look at me” quality? i think some of them do, especially the photos, but generally i try to make people laugh on facebook. we live in a cruel and unjust world, after all.  that’s the value i try to bring on facebook.

i think “are we bringing value” is an important question that applies not only to social media but work and life. how are we bringing value to our colleagues, friends and families? is what you perceive as value, valuable for others? when it comes to work, it’s especially important to be able to articulate the value that you bring. if you like to discuss this, i am available. i am not an expert but two heads is better than one.

i hope this newsletter is bringing you value. what i mean by that is that i hope it makes you think and makes you aware of the decisions you have made.

keep saying hello

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“Keep saying hello to people. They will be the differentiator for you for the rest of your life.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

a lot of interactions in the world feel very transactional. some months ago, i was at a restaurant opening and one woman at the next table was especially friendly and started talking to us. this is not a common occurrence in singapore and i was at first pleasantly surprised.

she gave us her name card, started talking about her food business and asking us to visit.

i was really turned off. i left her namecard at the table.

some of us may not be so direct. but often in our busy lives, we tend to be rather transactional. because connecting with people requires effort and time. and it’s certainly not easy, as people are also complex (which is another word for difficult).

maybe we should be considering, as part of a regular ritual, a random act of kindness for people we know. for it to be random, we should not do this because of a reason (e.g. birthday, a special occasion, etc.). but we do it for fun and for the heck of it. and we do it for ourselves because when we give to others, we give to ourselves.

let’s connect. let’s say hello to people. let’s have fun while doing it.

guides to japan

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a japanese friend asked me how i knew about Mt. Takao in Tokyo. I have found Japan Guide to be useful when traveling in Japan. During the sakura season, it provided a list of places to visit and gave an accurate forecast of the blossoms when i was booking my trip.

time out tokyo is also very useful, especially their “Things to do this week in Tokyo” section.

i enjoy reading metropolis. a free pdf of their magazine is available at their website.

part 2 of where i left off from last week’s newsletter would continue next week. as always, thanks for reading.

You can talk to me by replying to this email newsletter. Feel free to send this to your friends (and enemies). Subscribe to this newsletter by going to tinyletter.com/isaiahlim

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