Bologna, Italy – Oct 2012

Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_57Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_01Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_02Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_03Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_04Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_05
Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_06Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_07Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_08Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_09Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_10Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_11
Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_12Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_13Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_14Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_15Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_16Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_17
Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_18Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_19Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_20Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_21Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_22Bologna, Italy - Oct 2012_23

Bologna, Italy – Oct 2012, a set on Flickr.

it was a quick stop in bologna but a beautiful place that’s great for gelato and people watching. took many people shots and got scolded by a mad woman who insists her english is good. we got the message alright. and the quality of the light is pure gold.

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