human nature

Rika Kayama:

We have different models of the human precondition. Ms. Katsuma trusts human beings and believes everybody can achieve something if given opportunity and education. I think it is difficult to give everyone equal opportunity. And even if everyone is given equal opportunity, their personality can affect how hard they work. There might be freedom in not working hard. Some people, despite working hard, may have accidents befall them and fail as a result. Life holds uncertainty. I think it’s better to think that unexpected things will happen in life — extra bits, rather like the tabs used to glue together a cardboard box. Not everyone will be able to work hard and improve themselves. In that sense, I may not trust human beings. Ms. Katsuma doesn’t believe there are people who don’t want to make an effort. But I think it is human nature to be bad, lazy or dishonest.

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