Quotes from Blindness by José Saramago

22 – … a tendency to make hasty and definitive judgments, a mania which, owing to our exaggerated self-confidence, we shall perhaps never be rid of.

25 – … ten minutes later she was naked, fifteen minutes later she was moaning, eighteen minutes later she was whispering words of love that she no longer needed to feign, after twenty minutes she began to lose her head, after twenty-one minutes she felt that her body was lacerated with pleasure, after twenty-two minutes she called out, Now, now, and when she regained consiousness she said, exhuasted and happy, I can still see everything white.

32 – This is the stuff we’re made of, half indifference and half malice.

40 – This is madness, What did you expect, we’re in a mental asylum.

81 – … in all probabilty, their present unhappiness outweigh their past love, with time they will get used to this situation.

96 – … tears are often our salvation, there are times when we would die if we did not weep.

116 – … If we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animals…

174 – …If you say nothing it will be easier for me to understand.

261 – … replies do not always come when needed, and it often happens that the only possible reply is to wait for them.

288 – We are so afraid of the idea of having to die… that we always try to find excuses for the dead, as if we were asking beforehand to be excused when it is our turn…

297 – … The only miracle we can perform is to go on living…

304 – … now that’s enough of philosophy and witchcraft, let’s hold hands and get on with life.

308 – … One day, when we realise that we can no longer do anything good and useful we ought to have the courage simply to leave this world.

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