game over part deux

ABC Online:

Scarlett Johansson is set to marry her Canadian boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, after a year-long relationship.

2 thoughts on “game over part deux

  1. if i were 2 when i started in NCC, i would still not be independent enuf to dare and think and write to you in the way i have…

    but 2 is a nice number… but unfortunately inot a numeral contained in my age in recent years… but i m a mummy of 2. :p

    my latest favourite channel is channel 80… wonder if ryan reynolds will bail out like how he did with scream queen alanis…


  2. mummy of 2 still spell enuf like a young person and watch groovy entertainment television.

    and attend hip church, of course.

    but from old person to “old” person, here’s my prayer for your children, from the words of an old foggie:

    May the good Lord be with you
    Down every road you roam
    And may sunshine and happiness
    Surround you when you’re far from home
    And may you grow to be proud
    Dignified and true
    And do unto others
    As you’d have done to you
    Be courageous and be brave
    And in my heart youll always stay
    Forever young

    i’ll be seeing another old foggie tomorrow. you might have heard of him. last name john, first name elton.


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