Singapore Idol?

Did you see the Singapore Idols’ American Pie music video?

What a nice job.

For a song with such pensive lyrics, I thought the Idols did rather well. Lots of energy and smiles all round. So much optimism in our young generation!

I wish there was a shot of the Stars and Stripes though. That would have made it perfect.

Some able-bodied seaman on shore leave would have provided the much-needed eye candy.

Still, it’s a great start and I’m looking forward to more music videos. Here’s a list of songs that would probably feature:

1) God Bless America
2) New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)
3) I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Tony Bennett)
4) I Love L.A. (Randy Newman)
5) Do You Know The Way to San Jose? (Dionne Warwick)
6) Kansas City (James Brown)
7) Georgia on My Mind (Ray Charles)

I can hardly wait to stand beside thousands of Singaporeans at the Singapore Idol finals for a heartful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

It is a Uniquely Singapore trait in celebrating another’s culture so so passionately.

My home sweet home.

2 thoughts on “Singapore Idol?

  1. Hahah. Tickling entry. Lost track of the show anyway. But still we should applaud their effort in trying very hard to be like the American Idol version. 😛 – meow


  2. Oooo… the sarcasm! But seriously, I’ve been exposed to Australian Idol here and I must say they do a very good job of it. I guess better production values, professionalism and, quite frankly, raw talent just make for a better show than what I managed to catch of Singapore Idol while I was back in Singapore.

    Wish Singapore had more talent. It seems to have been culled from out tiny population. But then the whole creativity/talent thing is another issue.

    And one thing that has constantly bugged me. Shouldn’t it be Singaporean Idol?


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